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  • Principle of Health mapping


    Achieving desired fitness and wellness goals might feel like solving a rubik’s cube. The more you try to solve one side of the move, the more complicated the other side gets. In order to achieve a fine balance between energy body and mind,it’s important that we look at the core or the center point of the issue. If you are solving the rubik’s cube, no matter what kind of face rotation you do, the center piece always stays in the same position. The core is the basis of your position! At IIFW, we endeavor to get to the core of your mind body and soul in order to help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals and assist you in achieving your ideal style of life.

    Book a Health Mapping Session with us TODAY while you are registering for the Pune International Triathlon and Duathlon Event! Click on the option along with registration of the event.


    Why is Health Mapping required?

    It is found that people who undertake amateur sports and fitness activities are under the false notion that since they’re involved in physical activities such as running or playing golf, squash, badminton etc., regularly and since their weight height ratio is in the safe zone they have nothing to worry about their health. In such a scenario the sudden health issues of an athlete or apparently fit and healthy person comes as a rude shock. The myth behind this is that we often plunge into activities we think will keep us healthy without understanding our body andbody analysis and, since we do reasonably well, we are lulled into a false sense of security and self-confidence.

    IIFW aims to prevent this very eventuality through positive and holistic intervention by way of “Proactive Health Mapping”.

    What is the Proactive Health Mapping?

    Health Mapping, in simple terms, refers to Identifying the fitness and wellness level of an individual from various sources such as:

    Anthropometry: Anthropometry refers to the measurement of the human individual for the purposes of understanding human physical variation, in various attempts to correlate physical with racial and psychological traits. Anthropometry involves the systematic measurement of the physical properties of the human body, primarily dimensional descriptors of body size and shape


    Fitness Tests of individuals such as:

    • Coordination and Equilibrium test: Thistest is to identify the smooth working of the entire body and identify the ability to balance oneself without much swaying or losing balance. It involves coherent and meaningful movements of the organ to achieve a particular task or goal. For example, the combined action of eyes and hand to hit the moving the ball in cricket, tennis, volleyball, football, etc.Coordination improves with practice.
    • Speed and Agility test: It is the quickness of reaction with fast and sure movements of your body parts. Springing to your feet, and dodging are examples of being agile and to run faster would be a test for speed
    • Strength and Endurance test: It the most important test of physical fitness. Even if you are good in all the other tests, poor endurance or strength can be a sign considered as being physically unfit. It is the ability of the body to withstand stress for a prolonged period of time; the shorter the time, the poorer the endurance; the longer the time, the stronger the endurance. Performance of the heart and oxygen carrying capacity of the blood mainly determines the endurance. It depends on the number of times the person can repeat the movement. This is complemented by the strength of the body, which is the ability to use muscle power to endure. It is measured in terms of floor pushups, pull ups (chin-ups), dips on the parallel bars, sit -ups and squat jumps etc.
    • Flexibility Test: It is the ability to move the body easily and smoothly during various actions such as bending, twisting and stretching. Ease of action and capacity to reach various positions without injury is a measure of flexibility.

    Emotional and social Counselling: The primary source to how the body is reacting could sometimes be your mind, which could trigger various factors such as stress due to some kind of emotional and social events. We use this emotional and social counselling sessions to help understand these triggers and identify the route cause by an interactive session.


    IIFW Health Mapping Services:



    Health mapping is much beyond just body analysis. It includes providing you with an objective, accurate and comprehensive assessment of your health after understanding your lifestyle and your fitness goals if any or ensuring you set them by helping you prepare a personalized road map to minimize your problem areas and enhance the strong points so that you may achieve your fitness goals. It envisages to help you understand and smoothen any creases in your emotional and social well-being, nutritional support, exercise planning and emotional support.

    What do we (IIFW) do :

    • Health scanning through a health mapping machine in our state of the art Fitness Lounge followed by Fitness and stress Tests and fitness rating [IIFW index]
    • Counselling session by our fitness experts and doctors on your fitness score and discussing your fitness goal.
    • Fitness and wellness goal setting, nutrition ,physiotherapy and lifestyle consulting, and review period setting
    • Regular periodic review, revision, consulting and periodic health scanning and monitoring


    The state of art fitness lounge will be a center for indoor fitness test. This center will host the health mapping machine, along with the facility to do various other health test discussed above. We also have a facility for outdoor fitness test.


    Why Health Mapping?

    • Health mapping is a proactive approach to identify the strength and weakness of your body and mind
    • This approach will help you identify the weaker link that needs attention in your system
    • Through Health Mapping machine scanning and analysis it will also help you identify the potential cause of illness or injury
    • To monitor your BMI/ BMR/ correlation and various aspects of health
    • Proactive health mapping will help you plan your target races, hydration and diet, identify your strength areas and better your PBs
    • Health mapping prevents unfortunate athletic events such as death due to exhaustion that we have experienced off-late

    Building Blocks of IIFW Health Mapping:

    • Impedance : Principal behind the accuracy of scale for mapping
    • Fitness Lounge : A space that provides all the facilities for the Health mapping tests
    • IIFW Experts : Our team of Doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, fitness advisors and experts for consultancy
    • Organic approach : To ensure that you achieve your fitness and wellness goal in a natural way
    • Energy management vs time management : Our goal to make you do better in the limited time
    • Post Mapping structured programs : Lifestyle Management, Physiotherapy, Dietician, structured workout program

    Who needs it


    Every individual who is concerned of living a healthy,preventive measures and active energetic lifestyle helping from various illness injuries through a scientific medical approach. Itmust for every athlete and anyone who hits the gym.


    Time vs energy–Time


    if finite and we understand that, that’s why we help individuals manage their energy and not time.We believe that if we use our energy to our full potentials we will never feel that we are consumed or tired. We will always be active and energetic to execute and solve some of the biggest problems. We at IIFW can help an individual achieve this balance between energy and time and co-relation between the two.



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