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  • Let us run with the music….it will be a great pleasure boosting up the mood and mind…be relaxed…remove your anxiety FOREVER!!!

    We, the Fitness Team is going to organize for the first time in the world “MUSICATHON”…… (Musical Marathon)

    Fitness Team of Guwahati has been in the forefront of promoting physical fitness among the natives of this Capital city of Assam. The team has always been on its mission to promote the fitness aspects of health to be accomplished through physical exercise and sports. Needless to say, for a beginner, the drudgery and monotony associated with physical exercises (including brisk walk, jogging and running) appear to be insurmountable blocks before they can reap the immense benefits of physical exercises. In this endeavor to make Sports and Health popular among the public at large, the Team has off late been engaging in a search for ways and means to make physical exercises more appealing to the populace of this Capital City. In this process, the Team discovered the role Music can play in overcoming the drudgery and monotony of physical exercises. Music is the food for Soul. Besides, Music soothes a weary mind and a tired body too.

    The Team, with a novel idea of twining Music with Exercise, wishes to organize The MUSICATHON (A Musical Marathon) in Guwahati on 10th December 2017. MUSICATHON would be a RUN with the accompaniment of MUSIC. The MUSICATHON, starting from Khanapara Playground and charting its course through selected lanes of Guwahati, would be the first of its kind in the world — unheard and unseen in the annals of known and recorded history. The Marathon, when conducted, would be the manifestation of a wonderful pioneering idea.

    MUSICATHON, besides making physical exercises appealing, it has an added objective of showcasing the cultural ethos of Assam. Towards this end, an Ethnic Run, involving people from all sections of society (including Tribes) in Traditional Dresses, is proposed to supplement the patriotic songs to be played during the RUN. This would encourage and generate interest in people, particularly Women and Senior citizens in North East, towards Sports and Health.

    The Capital City of Guwahati is home to Bengali, Marwari, Punjabi and Muslim families besides the native Assamese and has set itself as an example for harmonious co-existence of all communities which would be solicited to give a rich experience of running to the tunes of Dhol, Pepa and Taal.

    Our Motto in organizing MUSICATHON is to give the people of Guwahati a memorable and an enjoyable RUN and through it give them the ways and means of making physical exercises pleasurable and enjoyable with the support of Music to boost up their mood and their Mind, to be relieved of their anxiety and to remain relaxed forever.

    It will also encourage and promote the North East Women towards sports and good health.

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